In MARILA FILMS, as an audiovisual production company, we fulfill all of the tasks and services dedicated to production.

What services can Marila Films offer?

In MARILA FILMS we offer you different assessment among the which we can underline:

Artistic production: Where we look for all the ideal personnel for your project starting from castings ( actors, actresses, extras) on a national and international level. Plus, we offer all the strategies, key processes and support needs so your project can be creative, original and appealing.

Logistic production: Where we take care of all kinds of managements related to accommodation, travels, rental and transportation of all kinds of equipment. Catering services (adapted to the every project), service of permit management for the filming process, as well any service of finding spaces (saloons, stages… etc).

MARILA FILMS, as a professional audiovisual production company, we take care, of course, of all of those different stages referring the beginning, the development and the finishing on a project. We take care of all of those tasks and services needed in all the stages that compose an audiovisual material: preproduction, production and postproduction.