Audiovisual production company

MARILA FILMS is an audiovisual production company based in Málaga that offers production services to Spanish and foreign production companies, and also self produces projects.

Production Service
Leave in our hands the production of your work. We put all of our experience to work in order to make your production happen.
Full production
We make you reality you project. We produce any kind of content, starting from the concept idea until the delivery of the product
We find the perfect ubiety for all kinds of filmings. Spain, Portugal and Morocco.
Develop your filming in a controlled environment in one of the best equipped studios in Andalucía
Dron filming
Take the most spectacular frames from above. All kinds of drones that adapt to your scene
We completely organize your casting. Location, catchment, selection…

MARILA FILMS, brings you a full service

InMARILA FILMS we bring you all the help you need by offering you the most specialized services, like legal assessment and permit management. We also provide complementary services such as planning, organizing and directing a casting, a catering service, totally adapted to the staff´s needs. Studio services, with a total of two studios, localization search, specialized in the search of the ideal setting for your work.

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