‘El Intercambio – La película’ (2017) 

We present to you “El intercambio” Marila Films newest production.

‘El Intercambio – The movie’ tells the story of a couple who, after fifteen years of marriage, routine and conjugal boredom takes hold of them, so one night they decide to search for new experiences in order to revitalize their marriage, such as the act of partner swapping. This way, Jaime, has a rendezvous with what is expected to be a young and fair brazilian woman, and Eva, his spouse, is awaiting a less attractive partner. The story is expected to be a night of games, excitation and revitalization for the couple, but in the end, nothing goes to plan.

El intercambio began its filming on june 20th of last year, and the filming lasted for approximately one month and was done in the studios of Uncía plató in Mollina in Málaga. Over 1.2 million euros were invested in its production.

Review of the most important stars in “El intercambio”

  • Director – Ignacio Nacho: Film and drama director, screen writer, TV producer and acting teacher. Among his work we can underline: ‘Taberu’ (1995),
    ‘Júpiter’ (1996), ‘Los hermanos Tarakanov’ (1999), ‘Casa Paco’ (2000),  ‘Libertad Provisional’ (2001), ‘Poliedro’ (2005) y ‘Cruda’ (2010).
  • Executive producer – Dylan Moreno: Maximum figure behind Marila Films. Moreno has a large experience and career as a producer and actor, and he developed both of these aspects in ‘Rey Gitano’ (2015) y ‘Maniacs Tales’ (2016).
  • Jaime – Pepón Nieto: Spanish actor, he began his career in Farmacia de Guardia’ (1993) and his professional career hasn´t stopped since in Días Contados’ (1994), ‘Asunto Interno’ (1996), ‘El tiempo de la felicidad’ (1997) y ‘Periodistas’ (1998-2000), with this last three Works Pepçon has won many awards in different festivals.
  • Máximo – Hugo Silva: Began his career as a drama actor in the 90´s, but it was the character of Lucas in “los hombres de Paco” (2005) that truly launched him. Since then, this young actor hasn´t stopped winning awards for his contribution to TV and cinema in many specialized festivals.
  • Dómina- Rossy de Palma: Successful and renowned Spanish actress, jumped to fame as an Almodóvar girl with her role in the movie ‘Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios’ (1988), but also has an extensive an renowned career with participation in movies like Kika’ (1993), Prêt-à-porter (1994), ‘La flor de mi secreto’ (1995) y ‘Hors Jeu’ (1998).
  • Eva – Natalia Roig: Roig has a large career in the world of cinema and TV, with roles in Compañeros’ (2000), ‘Periodistas’ (2001), ‘Policías’ (2011-2003), ‘Hospital Central’, (2003), ‘Los Serrano’ (2004), ‘Aida’ (2005), ‘Volver’ (2006), ‘Doctor Mateo’ (2009-2011) , ‘Con el culo al aire’ (2012-2014) y ‘Techo y Comida’ (2015).
  • El portero – Paco Tous: Actor with a successful career in drama, he made his debut in the world of audiovisual production with Los invitados’ (1987) y ‘Las dos orillas’ (1987), and his renowned role as Paco in Los hombres de Paco (2005-2010) y 23-F: La Película (2011).
  • Segundo – Salva Reina: Renowned actor an Spanish stand up comedian. Special mention to his work in ‘Centro Médico’ (2015), ‘Arrayán’ (2007-2012), ‘Regla de Tres’ (2010), ‘Ponme una nube, Rocío’ (2008) y ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó’ (2007) ‘El Camino de los Ingleses’ (2006) y ‘Chicas’ (2009).
  • Teresa – Mara Guill: Aactress in the world of drama, dance, TV and cinema. Special mention to her roles in ‘Centro Médico’ (2015), ‘Arrayán’ (2007-2012), ‘Regla de Tres’ (2010), ‘Ponme una nube, Rocío’ (2008) y ‘Cuéntame cómo pasó’ (2007) ‘El Camino de los Ingleses’ (2006) y ‘Chicas’ (2009).

‘El Intercambio’ will be Festival de Cine Español de Málaga

“El intercambio” Will be screened in the 20th Malaga film festival of Spanish cinema, who will take place between mars 17th and mars 26th.

The first screening of “El intercambio” is going to be next thursday mars 23th 2017 at 17:00 hours at the Spanish cinema Málaga film festival at the Cervantes theatre in the same city. Plus, two additional screenings of the movie “El intercambio” will take place in Cines Albéniz the same Thursday mars 23th at 21:30 and friday mars 24th at 19:15. You can buy your tickets clicking here..

You can get all the news in , “El intercambio”´s official web page, as well as in its social media: Facebook, Twitter e Instagram.