“La mancha negra” the new movie produced by MARILA FILMS, will receive a subsidy of La Junta de Andalucía along other Andalusian motion pictures.

Movies from Málaga receive a total of 33% of the total aids that are destined to the cinematographic field from La Junta de Andalucía, of a total of 1.700.000 €, being “la mancha negra” the biggest receiver with a total amount of 178.645 euros

This subsidy means the recognition of la Junta de Andalucía of movies of Málaga, where great projects have emerged such as “El intercambio” the movie directed by Ignacio Nacho and produced by Marila Films.

La mancha negra, the thriller produced by Marila Films.

La mancha negra tells us the story of Matilde, an old woman who lives along her three daughters in a small village in Andalucía in the beginnings on the 70´s. After Matilde´s death, her daughters prepare her wake, even though the entire village turns their backs on them.  Matilde´s inheritance, composed of properties and lands, and the arrival of an unexpected older brother turn greed and self interest in the main axe of the story.

La mancha negra, of the director Enrique García, and produced by Dylan Moreno. It has an unbeatable artistic cast: Hugo Silva, Natalia Roig, Cristina Castaño, Fran Perea, Concha Velasco, Juanma Lara, Cuca Escribano, Virginia de Morata and Noemí Ruiz.

The filming of la mancha negra wil begin in in next year´s summer, due to the requirements of the script.



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