Art direction:

Our offer also includes the artistic side, covering with first line professional that have great experience, Like Amador Rehak, art director in cinema and advertisements who has a long career in the world of special effects.

Art department:
Art production design. Design and conclusion based of the readings of the script. Design of the work method based on the general pondering of the art budget. First information to make motion picture or project concept art. First sketches through story board, moment when we ponder the quantities of the budget of the motion picture or the publicity spot.

Concept art. Design and line on the general image and concept based on the content of the script and the directions given by the director.
Vestry, plus the acquisition of by rental or loan of any material needed by the client. Also the possibility of contemplating in some cases the development of tailoring certain none existing elements.
Filming set. Work space, where the filming will take place, upon the needs of the script, could be established. If the natural localization in incomplete, scenery could be made.
Set styling and setting. In localization and scenery to achieve the adequate aesthetics on set.

Atrezzo. Elements that could be loaned and made, that actors could use in the scenes. There is a design job that goes down in order to enhance the image of the motion picture.
Make-up and hair dressing, departments with continued support for the image of the actor during filming.

Characterization and fx make-up. Its work method requires a special and previous design that differs from regular make-up.
All of these departments will have their production design and art budget separately.

Planning, preparation and project development based on previous meeting with the production and direction departments. Budgets of scenery construction, styling, atrezzo making, costume design, make-up, hair dressing, publicity products.

Design of posters and the corporative image of the motion picture.


Supervision and coordination of visual and special effects.

In cinema and publicity. Proposition and solutions for special frames where none existing situations, locations or things are needed that otherwise would be impossible to film. Hard access locations, locations whose characteristics would make it hard, extraordinary or dangerous to film, hostile, historical or fantastic environments.
Turning in some cases the project in an interesting audiovisual challenge.

Team coordination to get the best possible result.

Design and creativity on the making of special effects. Using different branches and departments with a great approach that could reach magic.

Physical special effects:
Atmospherical: Rain, wind, fire, snow, smoke, fog. Effects that are required in order to give the biggest verisimilitude to reality.

FX Make-up: Special characterization such as aging, fantastic creatures, gore, and wounds. Some projects need to transform the actors due to script requirements, and the actors have to go through special characterization and make up department.

Special and fictional props. Special projects need elements that could be handled by actors that have special features depending of the task. We could also craft them.
Dummies, animals, stunt doubles, manipulating creatures and objects. Practical effects and film film assistance.

Mock-ups and miniatures for live filming or to be mixed with digital.
In some cases, texture scanning for 3D objects.

We have special teams that provide these services.

Digital special effects:
Transformation and composition of an image, 3D made creations, all sorts of objects, products, locations, buildings, vehicles, live beings, atmospheric, etc. Matte painting, locations painted in which we can move, digital animation, chroma key.

Supervision of visual and digital effects by many departments in order to review the correct methodology of every frame or project.