In need of gear for your audiovisual project? Rent it from us!

In Marila Films, we know how complicated it is to gather up all the necessary equipment for an audiovisual project, that is why among our services we offer you the possibility of renting audiovisual equipment, whether it´s in Málaga or somewhere else.

Firstly, after pondering your project, we will elaborate a list of all the necessary equipment for its development. This way, starting from a precise scenography, we number everything that is necessary for it´s appropriate development.



With MARILA FILMS, you can have all the technical equipment you might need.

Among the most prominent equipment, you can dispose of: drons, gimbals, monitors, video and picture cameras, tripods, cables, video players and recorders, grip and other accessories, lenses, batteries and chargers, all the light and audio equipment, all direction and production team needed (megaphone, tents, clapboards) as well as all the hardware necessary for the development of your project, and all the background and effect needed for your project. This way we offer a complete service in image, sound, equipment and computer, and also providing the help of the best professionals in the area for their management.