In MARILA FILMS we offer you legal assessment for your audiovisual production.

In Marila Films we offer you legal, fiscal and accountable assessment so your audiovisual project can develop itself without any sort of problems. For this task, we have a creative, dynamic and resolutive team that possesses a high degree of specialization in legal matter in order to be able to develop your audiovisual project without any sort of problems.


Among the most significant services we can offer you are all of those legal type procedure services, such as registering the intellectual and image rights, as well as fiscal procedures by making a risk analysis by analyzing the spending your project could have. This way we analyze its viability.

One of the many advantages of asking for legal assessment is the possibility of becoming a beneficiary of public aid and funds for audiovisual projects on a national level and abroad, as well as fiscal breaks that could help reduce the cost of your project. These tax breaks are usually given to motion pictures, but our professionals will assist you so your project can benefit from all of these public aids and funds and tax breaks, as well as in the management and paper work. In addition we will help you find possible patrons to help finance your project.