MARILA FILMS helps you find your ideal setting:

In MARILA FILMSMarila Films helps you find your ideal setting: locations in all of Costa del Sol, as well as other locations if needed.

The types of locations can vary from private properties, such as houses, flats, offices, businesses… all the way to buildings, monuments and public spaces like natural surroundings in every population.

In MARILA FILMS,we have professionals in the matter of searching for ideal locations for every audiovisual project.


Málaga as an ideal setting

Our service of localization is focused in all of Costa del Sol, including Málaga. All of this area is an ideal setting for recording many projects due to the amount of sunny days it has through the year, the ideal climate, the natural environment (beaches, mountains, country side) and the different monuments and buildings of historical, cultural and patrimonial nature. On the other hand, it´s a very well communicated area by land thanks to a great deal of infrastructures of roads and railroads, by sea with a great deal of ferries, and by air with the Málaga airport.