Forget about any sort of permit management, we will take care of it

In Marila Films, as part of our full services, we take care of all the recording permits management in Málaga and other places so your project can go by without any problems, saving you this way time and effort.

Firs of all, we gather all the legal information in order to manage all the recording permits needs for your audiovisual project with the hope of bringing you the right kind of assessment. Then, we do all the necessary procedures in order to obtain the desired permits.

What kind of permits do we manage?

Todos los servicios que ofrecemos a nivel de gestión de permisos van desde:

The management of all the necessary permits for recording, whether it´s for small projects (it takes around 48 hours to fully manage the paperwork) or bigger projects (it takes around five workable days). We also manage the permits needed in order to record in public buildings, monuments and locations of an historical, cultural and patrimonial nature. In addition, as part of our services we help you find all of those ideal locations for your audiovisual projects, as well as assisting with all the logistic necessary for the better accomplishment of your project.

Why shoot in Málaga?

Málaga is considered to be an ideal city for motion pictures shootings due to the amount of sunny days where you can take advantage of the great amount of son light hours in a day and the ideal climate of this land. On the other hand, it´s a well communicated city due to its geographical location and the amount of transportation infrastructure, as well as the historical, cultural and patrimonial diversity it possesses, which turns Málaga into a great setting for motion picture shooting.